Fitjar Islands Shaving Soap Bowl x Rita Lysebo Egren | Graphite

NY KOMMER SNART | Fitjar Islands barbersåpe bolle x Rita Lysebo Egren | Graphite


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This Shaving Soap Bowl is one of the three pieces of our new shaving accessory collection. Handmade in porcelain, the bowl has been specifically shaped to fit the size of our shaving soaps.

The textured linear pattern takes inspiration from the Fitjar Islands logo, but it also serves a function. On the lid, the pattern allows the shaving brush to rest in place, for it to drip and dry without the need for any additional devices that create clutter. On the shaving bowl, the pattern ensures a good grip even when your hands are wet. The ring at the bottom of the bowl helps to keep the soap in place when in use. Make sure to press the soap slightly the first time you place it inside the bowl, so it gets fixed to it. The diameter of the shaving bowl is the ideal size to allow you to comfortably lather up the soap. For those who prefer to build up the lather in a separate bowl, take a look at our matching Lathering Bowl.

Fitjar Islands works in collaboration with Norwegian designers when creating our accessory collections. This new series of shaving accessories has been designed and developed by Sandefjord based ceramist Rita Lysebo Egren, whose unique minimalist functional style represents the essence of Scandinavian design. This shaving bowl is a unique contemporary Scandinavian piece to proudly display in your bathroom and add to your private collection.

Each shaving bowl is made by hand by Rita herself, at her atelier in the south of Norway. All variations in size, shape, and color are the result of the artisan process.

Height 5cm / Diameter 10cm / Graphite Color / Matt Finish

Handcrafted in porcelain.


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